Our Services

Since 2015, we’ve shared career inspiration through stories of medical entrepreneurship, creativity and social impact.

Inspired by a young Australian doctor’s experience juggling medicine with creativity and innovation, we love helping people from all sorts of backgrounds, whether students, professionals, career-breakers, in healthcare or not, to be their best selves at work and life, no matter your interests and skills.

We provide a range of services:

  • Consulting/Advising as a medical advisor; business development; strategy; human-centred design; prototyping; scaling up; trends in healthcare and digital health; UX; the future of work; creativity skills for innovation; disruptive medical education; and wellbeing at work. Ranging from consulting to one-on-one packages and in-person workshops, we’ve successfully worked with startups now scaling up internationally.

  • Medical Career Coaching & Career Transition Coaching for students, individuals and groups. Our founder Dr Louise Teo has experienced a vast range of medical and non-medical careers firsthand, across Australia and internationally, and loves encouraging others going through uncertainty and tough times in their careers. Our strengths are providing insight into non-traditional, non-Fellowship paths in medical careers; new skills and resources for evolving career trajectories; and importantly, mindset for resilience and success. Building a career takes work, and uncertainty and failure is a part of it. Having gone through it ourselves, we know what it’s like to face these insecurities, and can chat one-on-one confidentially about ideas and suggestions for your future path, as well as provide coaching packages, workshops and consulting in these areas. People in other industries have also benefited from our help! Contact us below for a quick chat to see if we’re the right fit.

  • Original content creation: We’ve successfully supported many events and companies with their media promotion, and speak from an authentic voice, only choosing to partner with organisations who are the right fit and match our values.

  • Louise is also available for speaking, panellist and moderator opportunities.

Interested in our services? Email info@themedicalstartup.com for enquiries, and sign up to our mailing list below and Instagram @themedicalstartup to stay informed.