Events for Healthcare Startups and Creatives at Vivid Festival

First published May 30, 2016


Vivid Festival, Sydney’s annual festival of light, culture and ideas, is back! Amidst the jampacked program of international music artists, brilliant light shows over the Sydney Opera House, and inspiring speakers, here’s our picks for people interested in startups, entrepreneurship, medicine and creativity.

Vivid Sydney 2016, Opera House, Lighting The Sails, Songlines. Artist: Donny Woolagoodja. 26/5/2016 Photo Credit – James Horan/Destination NSW


  • Sunrise Conference hosted by Blackbird Ventures. Not strictly medical, but very inspirational for the calibre of Australian success stories that are presenting- the likes of Atlassian, Canva, Planet Labs and Vinomofo and Stylerunner are on the lineup! Learn how they worked their way to success. The conference runs today and, if you missed out on tickets or can’t make it, they’ll be live-streaming from their website! Follow @blackbirdvc on Twitter and #TheSunrise with any questions.
  • Design for Social Innovation brings together people concerned with improving health outcomes for the elderly. Learn from insightful talks by speakers in this field.
  • Dare to Design Healthcare is a brainstorm session bringing together healthcare workers, designers, and anyone else who’s interested in designing better solutions for healthcare’s biggest problems. Attendees will be taught the principles of design thinking, and apply this to the workshop.
  • Rare Birds Convention: featuring speakers from across multiple industries- panel includes robotics engineer Marita Cheng, who does incredible work with engineering and healthcare.