Book Review: Programming Your Mind For Success Through “She Means Business” by Carrie Green

First published March 15, 2017


We came across Carrie Green and The Female Entrepreneur Association via Facebook awhile ago. Having benefited from being a part of their community, and having experienced Carrie’s work firsthand, it was a delight to see that her book is now available worldwide.


Carrie’s book “She Means Business” is available at Australian and international bookstores as well as online. Pic: The Medical Startup

We gain a lot of medical startup lessons from other industries, and Carrie has built an industry-agnostic community based on her experiences as a sole female founder of a tech company. She did this while studying Law in the UK, creating a mobile phone-unlocking business back in the pre-smartphone era. She taught herself how to build a website, and showed how just launching (even when she felt the website wasn’t that attractive) helped her business progress faster. (“Done is better than perfect” in many cases!) According to “She Means Business,” her business turned over $50,000 a month. But she was unhappy, and realised meaning was missing from her life.



After several months of personal exploration, Carrie realised her mission was to empower female business owners worldwide, and to connect with others sharing her experiences. It’s well-known that women (generally speaking) connect in business differently to men. Sheryl Sandberg covers great ground in her book “Lean In” about those differences, and how women and men can support each other in their journeys to leadership and fulfilment. Carrie uses her own personality and lessons from exploring the mindset of business success to empower over 100,000 women across the world, now generating more than $90,000 a month in revenue through the Female Entrepreneur Association.

Yet, it takes time to build a success. Carrie says it took five years for this revenue target to be achieved. She mentions that as recently as 2012, the FEA was growing, but was not financially sustainable. Being frank about these realities helps readers remember that we’re all human, and that time is the biggest investment in a successful life, no matter what success means to you – financially, spiritually, or otherwise. And because we’re all limited by time, what would you most want to spend your greatest asset working on?

The Female Entrepreneur Association differs from other business groups by focusing first and foremost on Mindset. The Mindset of Success and empowering your self-talk is what will get you through the hard times; the moments of self-doubt; the crippling anxiety of “will it fail?,” and the push to quit versus persist. Carrie shares her many tools and tricks, which you’d normally have to pay a monthly Member’s fee for access to, in a very readable and enjoyable book, written in her warm, conversational voice. For men who are thinking this book isn’t for them, Carrie reveals that many of the mindset tools she’s equipped with come from her dad’s books and audio collection. Her dad even sent Carrie and her siblings (brothers and sister!) to classes on resilience and positive thinking when they were kids. Carrie speaks often, including on TEDx, about “programming your mind for success,” and while reading this book, you’ll realise that your greatest tool for startup success is your mind.

Purchasing the book also unlocks a 28-day “She Means Business” challenge, with actions guided by Carrie throughout the book as well as bonuses online.

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