Congratulations to the Medical Interns of 2017!

First published July 11, 2016


The Medical Startup would like to congratulate everyone for their efforts in applying for Australian medical internships in 2017!

It’s getting more and more competitive, and with tight spots, coveted positions in metropolitan hospitals, and more graduates than post-grad specialty college training positions down the track, it may seem like one hurdle after another.

But my advice?

Enjoy your journey!

It’s not where you start from. It’s what you make of it. 

Even if you got your lowest preference for a spot, make the most of it! Medicine is a journey, and you’d be amazed at the number of tight friendships you will make in your first year as a doctor, whether you’re in the bustle of metropolitan Melbourne, or in the canefields of Queensland for the year.

Do your best, be your best self, acknowledge that you can pick yourself up from a down day, and be aware that you’re not alone. Look towards your long-term goals, and realise that with care and strategy, you can get there, even if it seems impossible from your current standpoint.

Good luck from The Medical Startup!