Global Digital Health Event Next Week: HiNZ, Auckland

First published October 27, 2016

We’re looking forward to attending not just one, but FOUR Digital Health conferences in Auckland next week.

Hosted by HiNZ, the Health Informatics Society of New Zealand, their annual event this year combines 4 streams into 1, held over four days plus workshops:

  • HiNZ conference

  • Global Telehealth Conference (GT)

  • New Zealand Nursing Informatics Conference (NZNIC)

  • Successes and Failures in Telehealth (SFT).

Even if you can’t make it, a Virtual Ticket is available so you can replay presentations and  view the session slides at home. The Virtual Ticket also includes a one-year membership to HiNZNew Zealand’s digital health organisation with links to HIMSS Asia Pacific and many other benefits.

We’re looking forward to learning more about the New Zealand healthcare system and its digital environment. Speakers are also hailing from places as diverse as Iran, Germany, the Victoria TeleStroke system in Australia, the Royal Children’s Hospital, King’s College London, IBM’s United States branches, South Africa, Mackay in rural Queensland, and of course health services throughout New Zealand’s districts. Learning from these doctors, nurses, administrators, and others involved in Digital Health helps inspire collaboration for better patient care, as well as future career paths.


Health Informatics is the combination of healthcare, tech and business into one discipline. Organisations like HiNZ, HISA in Australia and HIMSS across the world help unite these sectors and facilitate better decision-making and education about digital health, data safety and consulting platforms including Telehealth.

Follow updates from the conferences on social platforms or post your updates via #HiNZ2016. We’ll be updating from both The Medical Startup’s platforms on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram, as well as the Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine’sTwitter.

You can view the Program and register for sessions here and at