Queensland Health Shows Support For Startups

Queensland Health, which manages public hospitals across the entire state, is looking for interested startups to participate in its Expo in October. With a population of 4.85 million across a state area equalling several European countries, it’s an exciting opportunity for startups looking to improve communications, telehealth services, rural and remote access, Indigenous healthcare, and remote monitoring of patients.

More details at http://ehealthexpo.health.qld.gov.au/health-startup-innovation-showcase/


View from Mackay Base Hospital, in northern Queensland. Mackayis known for its mining industry (sadly in decline) and sugar production. Queensland’s diversity creates vast opportunities for improving healthcare. Photo: The Medical Startup


It is very exciting seeing initiatives like this from state health networks in Australia, just like Sydney Local Health District’s Pitch event, and we can’t wait to hear about similar events from other hospitals across Australia and worldwide. Contact us if you, your hospital or local health network is running similar events.