Webinar this week: Innovation Mastery from Chris Kalaboukis

First published June 6, 2016


Our friends at StartupsInnovation.com are holding another not-to-be-missed webinar this weekend, featuring special guest, Chris Kalaboukis.


Innovation Mastery Webinar with guest Chris Kalaboukis. Photo courtesy of StartupsInnovation.com

Chris is a serial entrepreneur, holder of over 60 listed patents (another 117 pending!), former and current CEO and CTO of major companies, coder, consultant, podcaster, and innovation expert. From his experiences including working in the San Francisco Bay Area, he’s founded hellofuture LLC, a consulting company for innovation, patent development and product development. He’s also written the book “Innovation Mastery” (with an excerpt here for you to read!).

We’re looking forward to hearing what he has to say!

To register for access and webinar recording, register at Startups Innovation here.

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