Career Articles Need To Include Options For People in Training – Launching Our Jobs Board

First published October 14, 2016


Pleased to announce that we’re launching our Jobs & Opportunities Board.

Was just reading an article in a prominent Australian medical journal, featuring a young Australian medical specialist who’s completed her training. She is now a mum and somehow fits in time to paint, cook and travel as well as practice in her chosen specialty.

It is a very nice article, and we enjoyed reading about this woman. But we feel like there’s a gap in career articles about medical doctors (and other professionals) who are in the midst of training.

Life happens.

How can you make a difference in your life, now?

How can you do something meaningful with medicine while you’re still in training?


How do others fit it all in? 

Our interviews with psychiatrist Dr Gregory SamGP Dr Nelson Lau, and medical physician Dr Lloyd Nashhelp to shed light on how they did it. We will also be featuring professionals at various stages of their careers, and students who are not waiting till tomorrow to create impact in healthcare today.

We’ll feature people at a wide range of ages, life stages, and career accomplishments.

And we’ll share opportunities for you to make a difference even before you finish your exams and other assessments and get awarded your letters, which may be many years down the track.

So if you have a job, volunteer opportunity or other option that might interest a worldwide network of readers, visit our Jobs page and Contact Us.