Events This Week: Webinar featuring Jay Samit, Serial Entrepreneur

First published May 16, 2016

We’re very pleased to partner with Startups Innovation for this weekend’s Webinar on Disruption with Jay Samit, serial entrepreneur and author of “Disrupt You!

Jay’s illustrious career spans multiple industries. He is the former Executive VP at Sony, CEO of Seachange International, and lectures on Startups at the University of Southern California’s School of Engineering. He also continues to be a key advisor with various startups and corporations.


We’ve been reading Jay’s book, “Disrupt You!“, and recommend it to anyone from any field or industry, whether you’re a student, graduate worker, founder, investor, board member, or just plain curious. Jay’s failed lotto machine in the 1980s pivoted to become the airport check-in kiosks that are used worldwide today. He saw the value of LinkedIn, streaming music, and telecommunications years before they hit the mainstream. And his book really struck a chord with us.

Disrupt You!” is about self-reflection and questioning your values, your outlook, and how you learn things and see the world. It’s about using your unique experiences to “disrupt” the world, and that’s exactly the kind of thinking that led to The Medical Startup. Reading Jay’s book, his experiences mirror the thought process that went into creating our blog, and we can’t wait to hear what he has to share this weekend.

To register, click here with the code MEDSTARTUP for live access and a recording after the event. The webinar will run Saturday 21st May from 1-3pm EDT (US Eastern Daylight Time), which is Sunday 22nd May 3am Australian EST; click here to check out the time in other cities.

Startups Innovation, based out of Boston, host key players in the startup world through their program of webinars, coaching and events. Be inspired by their list of other upcoming events.

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