What We’re Reading: Forge Magazine

First published October 4, 2016


Today I picked up the latest issue of Forge, a quarterly Australian business publication.


Forge Magazine. forgemag.com.au. Pic: The Medical Startup

Based out of Melbourne, its writers provide analysis of the latest trends in business and entrepreneurship, with a thorough look into particular topics boosting innovation in Australia.

They launched late 2014, and it’s something I look forward to reading each time. In fact, I first bought an issue in Taree, rural New South Wales!

Not only does Forge provide insight into some of the medical innovation and biotech developments in Australian universities and industries; they also give snapshots of future worldwide economic trends based on international research. This issue tackles the meaning of smart cities, which will fuel more innovation across industries and boost economic growth. It also highlighted a recent Australian study about self-employment opportunities for people with disabilities, and described how entrepreneurship could be better supported for this frequently under-recognised group.

The future of medical innovation is in cross-industry collaboration. We see this at co-working spaces, accelerators, incubators, university libraries, weekend dance groups, and other areas of creativity and innovation. And when clinicians are exhausted after physically or emotionally draining shifts, a good read on a separate topic can help reignite that flame of inspiration for doing good through healthcare.

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