With Great Media Comes Great Responsibility

First published September 15, 2016


I was reminded of this as I got off the phone tonight. I’d chatted with two very inspiring individuals, both based in Melbourne, about the intersection of communications and healthcare.

Both shared my awe at the power of media delivering an impactful, inspiring and positive message in healthcare.

Both understood the responsibility of media to respect, educate, engage and entertain a given audience.

And both recognise the impact that a simple Tweet or video can bring to a patient, a loved one, a colleague, a stranger, and a potential new friend.

I was touched by the humility of both individuals; the passion behind their work; the time they both gave me to learn about their stories; and their lessons to share. When a simple message can be conveyed across various age groups, cultures, timezones and professions in the click of a button, and potentially touch millions of lives, it is wondrous that we don’t stop and marvel more at how far we’ve come from pigeon and paper. Just touching one life with an image or message has powerful, long-lasting consequences.

This is why healthcare needs to embrace social media and new media technologies. And why we, in healthcare and healthcare startups, must learn how to use it effectively.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more stories, including those of the two above, in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic Healthcare and Social Media Summitin Melbourne in November 2016. The Mayo also has a dedicated Social Media Network which offers courses in this area. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this unique and evolving topic, and how you use social media in healthcare or with your healthcare startup. Hashtag #MayoinOz if you’re interested in attending the Summit or want to share your views.